Tyler Bracksett, a San Francisco artist who has made a name for himself by making beautiful murals in San Francisco’s Mission District, is in the process of removing his mural, ‘WINGS’, from a public sidewalk in downtown San Francisco.

Bracksett created the mural as part of a series that was part of the SFMTA’s ‘Fare Thee Well’ campaign to combat homelessness.

The mural is a part of an ongoing project by the SF Museum of Modern Art called ‘The Art of WINGS’.

The mural was installed last month in the space that formerly housed the San Francisco Public Library, where it was placed on a small, rectangular panel to showcase the city’s history.

Brackett, who lives in San Mateo County, said that he chose the location of the mural because of the proximity to a large homeless encampment.’

I was inspired by the fact that it was located on the sidewalk, which is really a common location in the Mission District,’ Bracksetts said.’

When you see it, you think of the homeless people.

And that is the way I wanted to convey my message of hope and justice for people who are being evicted from their homes.’

The mural will now be removed to the SF Municipal Arts Center.

‘Wwings’ is currently on display at the museum.

Brackingett has created a wealth of work for the SF museum, including his large, colourful mural of a horse on the Embarcadero Bridge, which he painted in 2014.

He also painted a mural of the ‘Tigers’ football team in 2016.’

Wwings’, which Bracksets was commissioned to create in 2013, was designed to be removed as part the museum’s ‘WTF’ campaign, which aims to create an environment where people feel welcome and respected.

‘Wongs’ was part on the museum tour, but has since been moved to a temporary location, where he will continue to be painted in the future.

Bracksetts has also painted murals for the San Jose Mercury News, the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal, as well as ‘The Story of America’ by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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