The murals that line the walls of the schools that have hosted the murals of the school day are, as we learn in this week’s CBS News School Murals feature, a “little bit more than a memorial to the students.”

As CBS News senior producer Mary Kay Wilson said, they’re “a way for the community to show their support for the school and to acknowledge the school as a whole.”

We asked our school reporter, Mary Kate O’Toole, what the mural says about the community and what it means to students.

“When we get the mural on the wall, we think of the students that are here,” she said.

“What we’re really trying to convey is that these murals reflect our schools, our culture, our history and how we see the world.

The mural says, We are one community and we are one country.

And we are all united in our hopes and dreams for our children.”

“It says a lot about the kids in the school, and we think that the school has done a wonderful job of providing an environment that encourages people to feel comfortable and safe in their schools and the community,” said Murals for Kids, the school mural artist.

The school murall artist is a member of the Murals of Hope, an organization that supports and inspires school muraling.

Murals For Kids works with schools to create murals on the walls and at the back of classrooms to help students feel safe.

The group says it creates more than 50 murals a year and helps schools “provide a welcoming space for students to express their individuality and celebrate the unique qualities of their individual and diverse talents.”

Murals are a way for school children to express themselves and their culture and they are a tribute to the community that they represent.

We asked Murals And Friends, the muralist that created the mural, what they think of it.

“It’s something that’s important to me,” said Michael Zappacosta, the artist who created the murala.

“I think it’s a way to say to people in the community, you know, we have a common bond that is strong and that we are here to serve, and I think the message is that the United States of America is here to offer you an opportunity and to give you an education.”

Zappacso said that when he and his colleagues created the first one, they didn’t think it would take that long to get it to school, but they were pleasantly surprised by how quickly it became popular.

“The response has been great,” Zapparas said.

The Murals That Make You Think The school mural of the mural that will hang in the middle of the first grade classrooms is the work of Murals and Friends.

Mural for Kids is a group of school muralist artists who work with schools and support them to create the muraltapes that they want to see in their classrooms.

Murall for Kids has done murals for schools across the country and in schools around the world for years.

In the United Kingdom, they are part of the UK school muraloge project.

Muralla for Kids works in partnership with schools across Britain, including a school in Scotland.

The idea is to create “artworks that reflect the students and communities they represent,” said Mary Kay-Wilson.

Murallas for Kids says they’re hoping to have murals in every school in England by the end of the year.