A mural in the Brooklyn Bridge neighborhood of New York City that depicts a butterfly in the shape of a star is making headlines.

It was painted over last month, when the city was working to rebuild the bridge over the Brooklyn River after a massive flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The artwork was a nod to the recent flooding in Brooklyn and the city’s ongoing recovery efforts.

The city has had to rebuild many bridges, including one in the Bronx and another in Manhattan, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which damaged buildings and knocked out power for millions of New Yorkers. 

The mural was painted by the artist Tanya Barone, who has been painting murals in Brooklyn since 2012.

Barone said she decided to paint the mural because she wanted to “express my feelings” for people in her neighborhood.

She said the artwork was inspired by the recent flood in Brooklyn, which killed more than 1,000 people.

“The butterfly is a symbol of our community,” Barone told the Associated Press.

“I wanted to draw a reference to the flood.”

Barone, whose name means “lonely flower,” has been working to create murals throughout New York for the past year.

She began her career as a freelance artist, painting graffiti for years, and then began working with artists such as New York artist Daniele Del Prato.

She has also painted for the New York Public Library.

Barone said the artworks she has painted so far have been very different than the one in Brooklyn.

“The whole point of this mural is that people in my community are not just here for the flowers,” she said.

“They are here for people.”

Barones mural is part of a new initiative called The Butterfly Project.

The artist and her team of six artists, including artist Andrew Tait, are working with Brooklyn resident and filmmaker Marni Barrios to create an art installation in her area that will showcase the importance of community in the rebuilding effort.

The Butterfly project is funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and includes a $25,000 grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

Barriers mural will be in the middle of the Brooklyn river, at a spot that has been marked off for a wall between the city and the river.

The mural will include murals that depict scenes of flooding and recovery.

“We are a bridge over this river,” Barriaries mural reads.

“We need each other.”

Barriars mural will also feature a sign that reads, “Help us rebuild.”