When the UK celebrates its 150th birthday next year, there will be plenty of murals in the UK to choose from.

We’re looking at some of the best and brightest from around the world.

Here are some of our picks for 2019.

A little history of the murals around the country In the 1950s, murals were first painted in the USA.

They began to take shape around the US in the 1960s.

But while the US has seen some amazing murals over the years, it has never been this big.

Now, with the help of the World Heritage Centre in London, we’ve created a list of the 50 best murals of 2019 that will be taking up residence in your local city centre.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’re looking for: • The most famous mural in the world: The Grand Banks of New York City by American artist Frank Gehry.

It was painted in 1881.

It is now known as the tallest building in the US.

It has the world’s largest facade and is the site of the Grand Central Terminal, the world-famous Manhattan skyscraper.

• The best known murals outside the US: In the UK, we’re focusing on the work of British artist Michael Gormley.

His work has been featured on The Good Life, Good Morning Britain and The New Yorker.

• A very unique mural: One of the most famous works in art history, the work by Italian artist Antonio Giovanazzi, is on display in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

The work was commissioned in 1888 by the city of Milan and it is still being painted.

It takes place in the middle of the town and features a huge sculpture of a woman wearing a dress.

It will be on view until the end of the year.• The best work of architecture in Europe: Architect Robert Moses has been painting murals for more than 40 years, and he’s only just completed his new London-based studio.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has commissioned the works of more than 50 artists over the last two decades.

This collection includes a mural on the Shard, and the work is being shown in three different venues in London.

There are more than 20 works by the likes of Alexander Calder, James Graham, and others.• One of your favourites: The works of the Brazilian artist Paulo Siqueira.

In 2017, he painted the mural “Froca da Cunha” on the side of the building of the city that is the headquarters of Brazil’s Supreme Court.

It depicts a smiling woman, her hand in the palm of her hand.

The image was a popular mural in Rio de Janeiro and is one of Siqueiras best known works.• What we’re reading: What you need to know about the mural art of 2019.

This is our best guess for the best mural of 2019 in your city.

The world’s tallest building: The New York skyscraper known as The World Trade Center (NYC) is the tallest structure in the United States and the world and has the most skyscrapers in the city.

It stands at 476m (1,200ft) tall.

Its main tower is 568m (2,000ft).

The tower has been designed by Richard Meier and was completed in 1989.

It also houses the offices of NewYork City Comptroller Thomas DiGenova.

The building was built in 1945 and is considered one of the finest works of architecture ever made.

• What we love about the UK: The UK is the largest, most prosperous country in Europe, with more than 80 million people.

The country also has a thriving arts and cultural scene.

There is a thriving gallery scene and museums are all over the country.

There have also been some notable local achievements.

The city of Manchester has a city park, and there is a museum dedicated to the art of Manchester painter John Singer Sargent.• Who should you watch out for: There are many great artists working in the muras around the UK.

The murals are very different from each other.

But there are some great examples of artists that are still alive and work in the industry today.

Check out the list below and if you’re looking to see more great murals from around your country, we suggest you visit our list of top murals to see in 2019.

What are your favourite murals?