Miami, FL (CNN) – Here’s the best of our Miami murals coverage.

Miami is a city of big dreams.

It has the largest concentration of millennials in the world.

But for most of the past decade, it’s been struggling with a lack of affordable housing.

In 2015, the state legislature passed a bill aimed at easing the housing crisis, which the city is now hoping will result in a revitalization of its downtown area.

In the past, a handful of murals have popped up that showcase some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

But now, the murals are getting a makeover with a new approach to the concept of urban design.

“This mural series is a way for us to make sure that Miami’s urban renewal is a part of our overall revitalization plan,” said Jennifer C. Miller, Miami City Councilor for Urban Development and Planning.

The first mural in the series is titled “Downtown Miami” and is located on Miami Street, just north of Miami Avenue.

The mural depicts a skyline of skyscrapers in the form of a blue sky with Miami Beach’s iconic red sand.

“The whole idea of this project is that we want to highlight the importance of our downtown, but also show the beauty of the beautiful waterfront,” said Miller.

“We want to show that Miami is a place where you can live, work, play and shop and eat, but you can also live and work and play and play,” she added.

Mural City CoffeeMiami’s newest mural is a coffee shop concept that’s set in the old Miami Naval Station.

The building’s old doors and the building’s name are on the wall above the coffee shop.

“I wanted to put this on a building that is historically significant and a place that has a connection to the city,” said C. Michael Condon, the project’s owner and mural artist.

“When you go to a coffeehouse in the city, you go in and have your coffee and sit there and have a coffee,” he added.

Condon said his idea is to have the coffee stand at the back of the coffee house and create a connection between Miami and the nearby Naval Station by featuring the coffee.

“It’s a way to create an aesthetic that really connects the coffee and the place,” he said.

Miller said he has been working on the mural for several years, and the first one was completed this summer.

“To me, it was really a culmination of my life, and my love for the city and how I love it,” he told CNN.

“Every day, I wake up thinking about Miami,” Miller added.

“There are moments when I look around and think, ‘Where is this place?'”

Condon told CNN he hopes the mural will be a symbol of Miami.

“Miami has always been a symbol for us and our city,” he continued.

“This mural shows the city has always existed and it will continue to exist in this city.”

The next mural in Miami’s murals series is called “Dress to Live” and was created by Dora Wachter, who was inspired by the city she grew up in.

Wachner created the mural to show the “lifestyle” of the “Dressed to Live”, a hipster group of Miami’s young women.


Michael Wachters mural was featured in the new Miami City Plan, which was approved in July.

“Dress To Live” features a woman with a bright red hair, dressed in an oversized dress.

Her body is covered with a black scarf and she holds a baggy shirt with a picture of herself on it.

The next murals in the Miami mural series is “Barefoot” and features a group of young women wearing shorts and a tank top.

The women are all dressed in a low-cut tank top and barefoot.

“Our mission is to create this beautiful and sustainable image of Miami and to show this beautiful city,” Miller said.

The final murals for Miami’s newest murals project are “Flower” and “Mouth”.

The former features a young woman in a bathing suit and a white tank top, while the latter features a tall, skinny woman in an orange bikini and a red scarf around her neck.

“Flower,” the first mural, is located in a bar on Miami Avenue and features young women in a bright yellow bikini, which is reminiscent of a 1970s bathing suit.

“Mouth” is located at the University of Miami, in front of the school’s iconic swimming pool.

The group of women wearing a red hoodie, purple shirt and black shorts are shown with their faces obscured by sunglasses.

“All of these murals really come together as a visual representation of a new Miami,” said Wachmer.

Miller told CNN that Miami City Hall and other city leaders are interested in the muras and the ideas behind them.

“They really