A lot of Houston’s murals are being up for sale, but what’s the best place to see them?

Here are our top picks for your next visit to the city.


The Old City Center The Old Street Gallery and Old City Museum has some of the city’s most iconic murals, but they also have some of its oldest ones.

There are two museums in Houston, the Old City Gallery and the Old Street Museum, which are both located at 6th and New streets, right in the heart of downtown.

Both museums have a lot of great historical and contemporary art.

The exhibition, called “Old City: The Rise and Fall of Houston,” features artworks from 1836 to the present day.


The Houston Waterfront The waterfront area has seen lots of development, but it also has some beautiful murals.

The gallery’s newest exhibit is called “The City of Houston: The First 100 Years,” and features works from the early 20th century through the present.


A Historic Art Museum Located at 614 S. Fifth St., this museum has been around since 1932.

Its first exhibit was a collection of works by Charles Baudelaire and a collection from the 1920s and ’30s.

It’s been around for about 40 years and is one of the few museums in the city dedicated to collecting and preserving art from the 19th and 20th centuries.


The Woodlands Art Museum This museum is located in the Woodlands neighborhood, which is home to some of Houstons most prominent art galleries.

The museum also has a lot more historical and modern art.


The New Museum This art museum opened in the former Art Gallery of Texas, now called the Museum of Fine Arts.

It has a large collection of artworks by artists such as Cézanne, Monet, and Van Gogh.


The Art Museum of Texas Located at 438 S. Main St., the museum is a place to explore Houston’s art scene.

It hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists, art history, and contemporary design.


The Gallery of Houston The Gallery is a Houston landmark that’s open year-round and features exhibitions by Houston’s best known artists.

The building is home of the Houston Art Museum and also houses a gallery for artists who want to showcase their work.


The National Gallery of Art Located in the Galleria District of downtown, the National Gallery houses works by the likes of Van Goge and Cécile Renoir, among others.

The Texas Public Library’s Houston branch is also a great place to find local art.


The Galleria The Galleries collection of Houston art is one that attracts many visitors.

The collection is open for a year and features new and used art.


Art on Parade Houston’s Art on Parades is a local art fair that features artists from across the globe.

The art shows, exhibits, and competitions feature artists from around the world.