Mural careers can be anything from simple to monumental, from simple murals to massive artworks.

Here are the top 25 artists that have influenced the lives of millions of people around the world.1.

Toni Morrison & Mural by ToniMorrisonArtwork: Toni MorrisonMural careers: Tino Morrison (1953-1999), painter of “A Place to Call Home” (1967)Mural career: Marilyn MonroeMural history: The artist painted the original mural in New York City, but it was never completed.

Morrison was later awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.2.

The Mural Project by Paul KleeMural artist: Paul KreechMural arts: Klee has worked with some of the most iconic figures in American history, including Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, Elvis Presley, and Bill Clinton.

Klee’s work has inspired millions of children and adults around the globe.3.

Tender Care by Art SpiegelmanMural: The work of the Swiss artist is a tribute to the memory of his wife, Doris, who passed away in 2008.

The painting is on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Amsterdam.4.

The World’s Greatest Art Exhibition by Mark RothkoMural works: The first edition of The World, which is set to be shown at the New York Art Museum, was made in 1982 by Rothko, who died in 2000.5.

The Sailing of Serenity by William ShakespeareMural artists: The Shakespeare plays are based on Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and are available for free online.6.

The House at Sixteenth Street by Robert Louis StevensonMural art: The house at Sixth Street, where The King and I was filmed, is in Queens, New York.

The house was built in the early 1900s, and the film takes place there.7.

The Fountainhead by Stephen KingMural artistic: The Fountainheads film is set in a fictionalized version of the fictional town of “Flowers” in Stephen King’s “It,” which features a fictional house with a replica of King’s own.

The book was released in 2008 and starred Jessica Lange, who plays the title character.8.

The Last King by Mark TwainMural artwork: The book “The Last King,” written by Mark Swift, was published in 1893.

The first of three books in the series, the first is set around the same time as “The Kingkiller Chronicle” in a world where the King’s ghost haunts the fictional “Last King.”9.

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Terence StampMural work: Stamp’s painting “The Garden of Eternity” depicts a small town in a post-apocalyptic world.

It’s part of the National Gallery of Art’s permanent collection and is the first painting by Stamp in the New England region.10.

The Book of the Dead by Herman MelvilleMural-art: The novel was first published in 1790.

It is one of the first novels in the world to have been translated into English.

Melville was an American writer, playwright, and critic whose work included “The Scarlet Letter,” a short story that became a best-seller.11.

The Night Circus by William Carlos WilliamsMural paintings: Williams’ painting of the moon and the moon goddess, the two-eyed dog, and a black cat are among his best known works.12.

The Red Book of Love by Charles BukowskiMural painting: Bukowski’s “The Red Book” was published as a book in 1971 and became a landmark book in the field of Jewish mysticism.

It was the first of Bukowski, who later went on to write a number of other books, including “The Antichrist,” which became a major hit.13.

The Man Who Would Be King by Winston ChurchillMural painter: The late Churchill has been a political icon in Britain for over two centuries, and his works have influenced countless artists.

His “Man of the Hour” is on display at the British Museum.14.

The Black Swan by John BarthMural Artworks: The Black Swans is a painting by Barth, who was an English artist who also designed the painting “Mouth of the Dragon.”

It was one of Barth’s early works.15.

The Lion and the Witch by E. M. ForsterMural Artists: E.M. Forstner was a British artist who worked for more than two decades in London, Paris, and New York, and in the 1950s created the paintings “The Lion” and “The Witch.”

The Lion was exhibited at the London Palladium and the “Witch” was exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts.16.

The Little Prince by Frank Lloyd WrightMural Artist: Wright’s “Little Prince” was one in a series of paintings by Wright, which became known as “the