LOS ANGELES (AP) If you’ve ever seen a mural or seen a giant mural of someone’s face, chances are you know that it’s a work of art.

But it’s not always clear exactly what those people are seeing or what they’re saying.

So, for the first time, artist Andrew Stroud of Southern California-based murals on the wall, known as murals of people, has set up an interactive gallery of those people in a new interactive book.

The book, called “We Were The Muralists,” is the brainchild of Stroud and his wife, Lisa, and features over 250 murals that are being painted by Stroud, Lisa and artist Joanne Smith.

They’ve painted murals all over Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The project started in 2014 as a hobby of Stoud’s and Smith and was featured in “The Art of Painting: From Paintings to T-Shirts,” a book about art and technology.

The books aims to bring more people into the field and helps artists better understand how the work they do is influenced by society.

There’s also a book, “How To Create A Book,” by Stoud and Smith that includes a video guide on how to create a book.

And, there’s a book of paintings by Stearts that’s available on Stroud’s website, called The Art of Making Art: A Book of Artists’ Paintings.

“We’ve been fascinated with the art of muralism,” Stroud said.

“We’re constantly trying to discover new ways to make it more accessible and more accessible to the general public.

That’s been a huge focus for us.”

The book is meant to be the most accessible book on muralism, he said.

The book is also intended to be a tool for the public, Stroud explained.

“It’s the most important thing we’ve done to make a book accessible,” he said, “and that’s a good thing.”

The work is the result of more than a decade of work.

Stroud started painting murals in 2003 and was hired by the California Department of Cultural Affairs and Development (CCDA) in 2007.

Stoud worked in several cities, including Oakland, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, San Jose and Oakland.

He also painted mural projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles.

He was also hired by a couple of large companies, including Microsoft, IBM and Disney.

He painted murils in the streets of Seattle, New York City and Washington, D.C. Stouths wife, who works as a painter, helped him out with the project.

It was a difficult thing for her, said Stroud.

She was struggling financially.

And I think it was a very difficult thing because I was working so hard and doing so much that I wanted to be at home with my family, but I was getting paid less than I should be.

“I got hired at the end of 2014, and I was struggling, and we were really depressed,” he told the AP.

“Then one day we were walking out of our house and I saw a mural and it made me realize that I have to make something.”

So, he decided to make murals, and he began working in the street.

He eventually found an artist, who he hired to do his work, and that artist painted muralls, as well.

That was in 2016.

And then, one year later, in 2018, Stoud found another muralist.

He said it took years to get to where it is now, with a team of around 15 people.

He said he has a lot of work to do and that the next step is to have the book available in the fall.

He has a team working on that project.

But the book is just beginning, and it is going to be very helpful to people.

Stearss is also working on an art exhibit for the exhibition, called, “The End of Muralism: How to Get Your Message Across in a Digital Age.”

Stroud said that in addition to his art and his book, there are a few other books that will be available.

In addition to “We were the Muralist,” Stoud said he’s also working with other artists to produce a book on mural culture called, A Guide to Mural Art.

Stearss has a second book, The Art Of Making Art, available on his website, where you can purchase art supplies and learn about how to make your own art.