A new series of dinosaur murals has been installed in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

The artworks were created by artists Joanna and Nick Rizzo and are located at the Rizzos home, which was recently renovated.

“I love dinosaurs.

I love dinosaurs because I love to walk around and see how they interact with the city,” Nick Riazol, a senior artist at Rizzobello, told local news outlet The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“You can’t really do that in a museum.”

The Rizzols home, built in 1910, has been decorated with hundreds of dinosaur-inspired murals.

The artist is also a big fan of Pittsburgh’s Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirates have been a fixture in the city’s skyline since 1912, and they have become one of the most beloved teams in the country.

The Ritz-Carlton Pittsburgh Pirates have won a record four World Series titles.

The team’s iconic logo is based on the city of Pittsburgh.

Rizzocas family owns the restaurant that has been known as The Ristorante in Pittsburgh.

A mural on the restaurant’s facade is dedicated to the Ritz’s namesake.

“It’s a great way to commemorate him,” Nick said.

“He has been a great partner to me.”