What’s new in Cincinnati this month?

A mural on the roof of a historic courthouse is being unveiled to mark the 100th anniversary of the Cincinnati City Council.

Another mural is being done at the site of the historic downtown streetcar station.

A new art gallery in Cincinnati is being opened to showcase the city’s newest works.

And a new restaurant is opening.

All in all, the city is gearing up for the holidays with a variety of events, from shopping to holiday concerts, and there’s even a new Holiday Food Truck!

Here’s what to expect from Cincinnati this week.

New art gallery: Downtown Court Museum is the new home of Cincinnati’s newest mural project.

The new project is a $150,000 mural on a corner of First Street and Monroe Street that was painted over in 2015.

This is a project that has been going on for about five years, said Julie Smith, president of the Downtown Court Board of Trustees.

The new mural is called “Welcome to Downtown.”

It was completed in 2017 and will go on permanent display in December.

The murals are based on historical documents and documents that were sent to the City of Cincinnati in the 1920s and 1930s by an Irish immigrant family that were displaced during World War II.

The city is also building a new museum in downtown Cincinnati, which is named for a real estate developer named John D. McCallum, who was born and raised in Cincinnati and died in 1923.

This new museum will feature more than 70 exhibits that will be displayed in a space that was originally the McCallums’ house.

Smith said the new museum is a good example of how Cincinnati is trying to preserve its rich history.

“It’s a unique place,” she said.

“We have the city, the architecture, and we have the history of Cincinnati.”

Smith said that some of the exhibits are related to McCallam’s family.

One exhibit features photographs of the McCalls in their house in Cincinnati.

There are also murals of the family members, and a portrait of McCallams wife, who lived in Cincinnati from the early 1900s to the early 1960s.

Smith also said that the city will be making a commitment to keep the museum open and open.

“Every time we go on a holiday or a holiday weekend, we will keep this museum open,” she explained.

The art gallery is scheduled to open in the fall, and the museum is expected to open later this year.

The museum is one of two that will have permanent exhibits.

There is also a new cafe that will also have permanent exhibitions, including a mural that will go up on the walls of the cafe.