In May, Denver’s city government approved murals for the city’s airport.

One of the murals, a depiction of a man holding a banner with a message that reads “Free Yours” (the name of the Denver airport) is the subject of a lawsuit filed by the Denver International Airport and a Denver resident.

The airport argues that the mural violates the state’s anti-discrimination law, and it is scheduled to open to the public in September.

The murals have been on the side of the runway since 2010.

The FAA argued that the muras, which feature depictions of the three-dimensional nature of the human body, are “obscene and defamatory.”

The Denver International airport was also sued in the suit, which seeks to block the murases.

The Denver attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The mural is scheduled for opening day on June 12.

The lawsuit is the latest in a string of lawsuits that have been filed against murals and other art installations by the city.

Last year, the city sued the Denver Public Library for painting a mural of a “woman holding a flag.”

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a case brought by a Denver woman that the city must pay a $300,000 fine for violating the First Amendment’s ban on the display of depictions of racial discrimination.