It was a sunny, warm day on the west side of downtown Portland when a young woman from Brooklyn stepped out onto the sidewalk.

She was dressed casually in a black skirt and black dress shirt, and the words “Portland, Oregon” were tattooed on her back.

But she was not wearing a wig or makeup, and it was clear that she was just a normal 20-something woman, one who had come from an area that had experienced a major fire.

Her name was Sarah, and she was one of the many victims of the massive arson in Port Angeles on Friday.

Sarah had lost her home to a wildfire, and was lucky to have survived.

The fire had ravaged the town, leaving behind a gaping hole in the middle of the street.

But the damage was far from done, and Sarah’s story would go on to become the poster child for the city of Portland and the rest of the country.

Sarah is now an artist and a local fixture in the Portland community.

She has worked on murals and has been featured on a handful of local news shows and national news sites, including ABC News, CBS News, and CNN.

In recent years, Sarah has also started a non-profit called The Art Project to raise money for homeless people in Portland.

She also has an exhibit on art in the city and an online series on muralists around the world.

The Art Project is a project that Sarah started with the support of her husband, Tom, who has also been an artist for many years.

They have made art for people who needed help in their community, and they are doing it for the same reason.

The art Sarah was painting on the wall in the mural at the corner of Broadway and South Oregon was her first canvas.

It was meant to be a canvas to tell her story and to show how she feels about the city she grew up in.

Her painting was meant as a way to connect with the community, but Sarah felt it needed to be more than that.

Sarah has said that the murals in the area have helped her heal, and that she hopes to continue painting in the future.

She says she wants to see more people living with mental illness, and to help her family find a place to stay and stay in peace.

“I want to help other people, too,” she said.

“It was like the last thing I could think of,” Sarah said.

The fire destroyed much of the neighborhood and left behind a massive hole in that space.

The damage was severe, but the devastation wasn’t over.

Sarah says she was worried that her painting would be gone by the time she returned home to Brooklyn.

The Port Angeles fire has also affected the work of several artists.

Some are painting murals with the help of private donations, while others are working in solidarity with the Port Angeles community.

Sarah and Tom both work in their spare time, and are still in Portland to support the Port Los Angeles and Port Angeles County firefighters who are battling the fire.

They are both also doing their part by donating artwork to local nonprofits.

In the midst of the fire, Sarah said she wanted to show that her mural work was still worth it.

“Even if the city is gone and you can’t paint, you still have a piece of Portland,” Sarah told ABC News.

“So that’s the goal of my work.”