An Egyptian mural artist has sparked a social media storm after she created a controversial mural of a Muslim woman with a beehive in her face.

The mural, which was first posted to the website of a news portal, depicts a naked woman with the words “Amen” and the caption “Allahu Akbar” (God is great).

“This is the Dada, the dada of Egypt, a beautiful dada, that we are not allowed to create, and the Egyptian people will not tolerate it,” the caption reads.

“I did not create this dada.

I am a woman who was inspired by this beautiful dahad, and it is a beautiful thing,” the artist told the Associated Press news agency.

She also wrote in her Facebook page that she was “very tired” of the “unacceptable” depiction of women in her artworks and was calling on her followers to stop the “trivialism” of her artwork.

“This dada is part of our history, and we are all Egyptian, and all women, and I am very tired of the trivialism, the trivializing of the history and the culture of our country,” she said.

The woman, known as Tania, has drawn criticism for her work in the past.

She has been arrested before for inciting religious hatred and was recently released from prison on the condition that she undergo an Islamic “purification” program before returning to her home country.

In a Facebook post, the Egyptian government’s Tourism and Culture Ministry said the painting had been commissioned by the “National Council of Tourism and Cultural Development” in the capital of Cairo.

“In the image of the woman, it is clear that this woman is a victim of her husband and husband’s family, a victim and not a symbol of the revolution,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The woman has no religious significance in her family.

It is a symbol and a form of power for the man to destroy the woman in front of him, and to show his love for her.””

The Ministry of Tourism is calling on the Egyptian society to respect and honor the cultural heritage and traditions of Egypt and its people,” the statement said.