Belfast, Mo.

— Sunflower murals can be seen everywhere.

But the murals in Belfast are more than just beautiful, they are a part of a larger story about community and the value of art, said Sarah Smith, executive director of the Belfast Mural Project.

“We want to connect people and give them something meaningful to do in the city, so we do things that connect with them.”

Smith is an artist who grew up in Belfort, and in her teens she began photographing murals that were in her backyard.

She said she began her research about murals when she visited the Belgrade, Serbia, Museum of Modern Art and Art Nouveau in 2012.

The museum was hosting a large-scale installation of murals by artists including Salvador Dali, Frank Stella and George Van Dyke.

Smith said she had never seen anything like the amount of mural art that was being done in Belgrade.

“I was just so impressed by how much people were coming together to make these murals happen,” she said.

She wanted to make the mural paintings accessible to the public, and found her inspiration from the art and architecture in Belcourt, a small neighborhood in the center of Belgrade’s central district.

The city of Belcourt is a vibrant and vibrant city that has seen its population grow from 4,000 in 1950 to a projected 30,000 today.

But as the city has been redeveloped, the community has been left behind, with many abandoned buildings and vacant lots.

Smith said the Belcourt mural program has provided the perfect opportunity for Belgrade to connect with the murallists from all over the world and help them tell their story.

“It is really exciting because I think we are really connecting with the community, and I think it is really important to have people of different backgrounds and different artistic styles coming together and sharing their ideas,” Smith said.

The murals on display at Belcourt are part of an art museum that has grown to become one of the largest murals program in Serbia.

The Belcourt Mural Program is one of a number of murall projects around the country.

Smith has been working with Belgrade artists for more than a year, including several artists from around the world.

She’s also received an amazing response from the Belgranes from people who were surprised by the project, which is something she said was hard to imagine at first.

Smith’s art project has been a collaboration between the Belice Murals and Belgrade Art Museum.

The murals are currently on display in the Belices Museums, a cultural center in Belice, Serbia.

Smith says her hope is that the Belcour mural program will help connect people to art and art-making.

“We have a lot of people in Belendas and Belends neighborhood, and we want to make sure that we are not making it harder for them to do art,” she added.