Diy wall murals are among the most popular pieces of art in the city, and there are a few more than a few of them to choose from in the Bay Area.

Some of them are even more spectacular than the originals, but all of them offer a glimpse into a beach town in need of some serious sun protection.

Below are our picks for the best Beach Wall murals from the Bay.1.

La Boca (Villa Del Cielo, San Francisco) Villa del Cielios is one of the city’s oldest and most recognizable landmarks.

The structure stands on a bluff, surrounded by lush green hills and a lake, and features a statue of an African-American woman and a portrait of a white man, surrounded on all sides by palm trees.

The mural’s depiction of a man bathing in the lake has become a national icon in the last year, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.2.

Boat Landing (Boatyard, Oakland) The boat landing of the original Boat Landing building in Oakland is one the city has been saving for some time.

The boat has been there since the 1970s, when it was a temporary structure used to serve as an overflow storage facility for a nearby warehouse.

The original owner died in 2001, and the building has been boarded up for years, although its facade has been painted over.


Riverside Beach (Ocean Beach, Los Angeles) RIVERSIDE BEACH, CA—September 20, 2019—After nearly 10 years of being kept at bay by the water, the new waterfront beach is finally starting to show its age.

A massive, concrete-roofed structure is finally being torn down and replaced with a new waterfront structure that will include a new, expanded pool.

A new wave of development is taking place on the property, with more than 500 homes, a shopping center and a hotel.

A local resident has already begun the process of restoring the property.4.

Mosaic Park (Cherry Hill, Oakland, CA) MOSAIC PARK, CA, UNITED STATES—August 30, 2019–This new pavilion is one that will be a focal point of the new Ocean Beach park, a new community development that will extend over two blocks.

The park will include more than 400 homes, restaurants and shops.

The pavilion, which will have a landscaped deck that will offer panoramic views of the bay and the bay’s skyline, will feature a new swimming pool and a new pavillion.


Pine Grove Park (Oakland, CA)-The first park in Oakland, Pine Grove Park is set to be completed in 2020, and it will include nearly a hundred homes, with a park pavilion that will feature an outdoor amphitheater and a large terrace with a view of the waterfront.

Pine Grove is one property that will see significant development over the next two decades.

The site includes several old and new buildings, and many of the buildings will be replaced.


Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, CA), Golden Gate Park-The second park in San Francisco, Golden Gate will include one of Oakland’s most popular attractions, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

The new bridge is scheduled to open in 2020.


Sawdust (San Jose, CA)–This new sculpture at the intersection of Broadway and Broadway will be part of the upcoming BART station in San Jose, the first BART station ever built in the U.S. This sculpture, by artist Matt Heaney, was created to celebrate the opening of the BART station, and will be on the facade of the station.

It is scheduled for completion in 2020 and will feature more than 1,400 apartments, a restaurant and an underground parking garage.8.

Bay Bridge Park (Port of Oakland, Oakland-Alameda County)The Port of Oakland and Bay Bridge Park are two of Oakland City’s most recognizable attractions.

Bay Bridge is a former water taxi dock that will eventually be transformed into a floating bridge that will run alongside the Bay Bridge, and is currently undergoing extensive renovations.9.

Alameda-Siskiyou County Library (Alameda, CA)—Located just a few blocks from the BART Station, the Alameda-San Mateo County Library will be the first library in the country to offer free reading to all Oaklanders.

It will also be home to the Library of the Year Award, which honors outstanding contributions to the library community, as well as the award for outstanding service to the community.10.

Shoreline (Santa Rosa, CA-Sierra Nevada-Santa Barbara-Sarasota-Vista County) Shoreside Park is one park in Santa Rosa, a coastal community just south of San Francisco.

This park, which is open year-round, features several beaches and