Police said on Friday that a mural featuring a pink flower was damaged when it was hit by a falling pillow.

A police spokesman said that the damage was caused by the falling pillow and that no injuries were reported.

The mural was in the neighborhood of Shilo, near the Old City of Jerusalem.

It depicts a flower that resembles a pendant with a golden star.

After the pillows fell, the paint on the flowers started to fall on it.

“We were alerted to the problem, and immediately rushed to the scene, when we saw that the flower was falling,” said a police officer who asked not to be named.

Police said the incident occurred at around 11:00 p.m. local time.

They said that they were able to recover the pillow and paint, and the flowers had been removed from the scene.

The incident caused a major headache for the Israeli authorities, who are still trying to recover from the Pillow Party fiasco.

Israel’s police commissioner told reporters that the authorities were investigating whether the incident could be related to an ongoing investigation into the pillowing scandal that has gripped the country for months.

An Israeli newspaper reported that the police had arrested two people on suspicion of inciting public disorder after they were caught on video pushing the pillow up the wall of a building in the Old District of Jerusalem on Thursday night.

It quoted a police source as saying that the two suspects were members of the Bnei Brak youth movement and had allegedly been inciting the public to protest against Israel’s handling of the pillover, which began on February 1, 2017.

The group has claimed responsibility for a wave of pillover protests in the past.

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a halt to the pillovers.

Earlier in the day, the Israeli army had closed a portion of the Old Street of Jerusalem for hours after hundreds of protesters demonstrated against the pillOVER, an incident that prompted Netanyahu to call for the closure of the area, which is under the jurisdiction of the Civil Administration.