Phoenix, Arizona — Phoenix has long been known as the “graveyard of art.”

Now, a $5 million upgrade to the city’s iconic murals is giving a new meaning to “grappling with life.”

The Phoenix Museum of Art announced Wednesday it will install $5,000 worth of new murals at its Art Gallery of Arizona facility.

The project is part of a $8.3 million investment that the museum says will improve visitor experiences, increase the museum’s circulation and provide new revenue streams for the city.

“I’ve always thought Phoenix was a great city, and I’ve been lucky enough to live in the city for a long time,” said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

“But I can’t imagine a city without art.

It’s a part of who we are.”

Phoenix’s new murbs include the famous Rockefeller Center, the famed Garden of the Gods, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Phoenix Children’s Museum.

About 30 murals are currently on view at the Phoenix Museum.

The museum has also unveiled a new series of works by internationally known artists and will unveil another work on Thursday.

It’s unclear when the Phoenix murals will be replaced.

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