HONOLULU, Hawaii — A new mural of two girls in a Hawaiian-themed bikini is set to go up in downtown Houston next month.

Artist Josh Sexton, who is based in Houston, said the mural will be unveiled in early November.

The city has been looking to improve its image as a hot spot for young people, particularly young women.

Sexton said he wanted to incorporate the two girls into the new mural in the hope it would give a different perspective on Houston and the city.

“We wanted to make sure that the girls look like they could be anything they wanted,” he said.

Henderson, who has a degree in sculpture, said he started sketching the new design while driving home from work after work last month.

He said he thought it would be interesting to create something for the city that was more fun than the standard graffiti and street art.

The two girls on the mural are part of a new wave of Houston murals that have recently popped up in the city, Henderson said.

The trend started in 2014 when the city launched the HUBE program, which gives artists free space in public spaces to make art.

Last month, a new mural went up on the southwest corner of the Houston Convention Center, a space that is home to the city’s largest arts festival.

The new murals are meant to reflect the diversity of Houston, and are the work of several different artists.