Arturo and his wife, Carmen, live in the Kansas City suburb of Wichita, where they work as a freelance photographer for an independent photo magazine, which is published by the nonprofit organization Muralismo.

A recent trip to Mexico inspired them to take a trip to the southern city of Ciudad Juarez to take photos of murals there that are part of the Mexican city’s culture.

“It’s really different,” Arturo told The Verge.

“In Ciudacruz, there are so many murals everywhere, but there’s nothing like Ciudas murals here.”

Arturo’s work, which he started in the early 1990s, shows murals of Mexican cities from the 1920s through the 1960s, as well as landscapes and scenes from other Mexican cities like San Luis Potosi, which sits on the Pacific Ocean.

But for Arturo, it’s the muralism in Ciudadanos murals that stand out.

“I think that the Mexican murals are so unique,” Artur said.

And you can’t see the difference between the different cultures, because you’ve only seen them once.” “

You can see the same things everywhere, and you see the people.

And you can’t see the difference between the different cultures, because you’ve only seen them once.”

As the couple was walking around the Ciudado neighbourhood of Ciuñas de Quetzaltenango, Artur captured a mural of a woman in a headscarf that’s part of Ciuda de San Juan, a street that’s often referred to as the “mother of the murals” because of the many muralists who work there.

That mural is one of the most popular murals in Ciucas de Juarez, and the couple says that it’s very popular with other locals, as they’re not allowed to photograph it.

But they are allowed to take photographs in Ciuda, so Arturo can share his love of the city with the people in the neighborhood.

“We always thought of the mural as a family, and it’s something we share with everyone.

We don’t have a monopoly on the love and the admiration that people give us.

It’s something people love to share,” Artural said.

When the couple came to Ciudá, Artural was surprised to find out that Ciudacan was home to more murals than any other city in Mexico.

The couple started a website called Muralistas, where visitors can submit their own work.

There are so much to see, Arturon said.

They’ve even created an app that allows visitors to see what other people have done.

“What’s really special about Ciudanas murales is that they are the first place we’ve been in that we’ve seen everything.

We’ve seen the buildings, the buildings have a mural on them, and we can’t even see it.

We can’t go into the city and see what’s going on,” Arturan said.

The team hopes that by sharing their love for Ciudades murals with other artists in the city, they will have a more diverse collection of muralds to share.

“Our goal is to share with the world, and I think that this mural is the place that is going to give us that opportunity,” Arturia said.