The mural was designed by local artist and muralist, Zainab Taweel, whose work has been featured on the walls of various locations across the city, including the Minnesota Vikings practice facility, the Minnesota Wild training complex and even the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Tawebel’s work can be seen in places such as the Minneapolis Farmers Market, where it has been displayed for nearly a year.

She said that it is important to honor the memory of Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who died in 2016.

“It’s about the way he died,” Tawesel told the Forward.

“He was my hero, and I think this is just the right thing to do for our community.”

The mural is a tribute to the life of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Bryant passed away in late December of 2016 at the age of 29 after a long battle with cancer.

He had battled cancer for the past decade and had been battling the disease since his playing days.

Bryant was the third-leading scorer in the NBA at the time of his death.

Tawsel said that the mural has always had a lot of meaning to her, and it was also the only mural she could find in her native New York City, which is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Bryant’s home in Beverly Hills, California.

She said that her family had never thought of the mural as a tribute, but it became a very important part of their lives, which includes her son, Ali, and her daughter, Emily, now 13.

Tawney said that she had been inspired to paint the mural by seeing the photos that were taken of Bryant, and she thought it would be fitting to honor him.

“When you look at it, you see a man who has so much to offer, and you think that the man that he’s portrayed on the cover of Sports Illustrated is going to have a bigger impact on people in our lives,” she said.

“But, he’s not, and he’s going to be remembered as a person that has a big impact in the world.”

Tawesels work can also be seen on the floor of the Timberwolves practice facility.

She is known for her works in the Minneapolis area, including her work in the community in New York and her work on the street in Minneapolis.

She has also had some of her work displayed at the Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame, which has been in existence since 1998.

“I love my hometown of Minneapolis, and this is a very special moment for me and the city,” she told the newspaper.

“It’s a beautiful, special place.

I wanted to create something beautiful and personal for my son, who is 11 years old, so that he can look at this mural and be inspired to do something good for this community.”

Tawsel told The Forward that she has been thinking about this mural for about a year and it has always been a priority to her.

“This is a family project, and we are working to find the best artist to put it up,” she added.

“I wanted to give my family something that will bring happiness to their lives.”