RTE 1 / 8 ‘Lift up your soul’ mural painted by Dublin artist ‘Tinko’ on the side of the city centre wall in Dublin city Centre.

RTE 2 / 8 The mural depicts a man in a suit and a blue shirt, while his wife is seated on a couch, a pose taken from the popular TV series Game of Thrones.

RTA/Dominic Donnelly /Photocall Ireland RTE 3 / 8 A man is seated atop a chair as the mural is seen from the corner of the street.

RTF /RTE RTE 4 / 8 Another view of the mural, showing the man in the suit and the couch.

RTC /Dominic Donnell /Photoclick Ireland RTA 5 / 8 It is the second mural painted in the area and depicts a woman and a young boy.

RTT /Dominics Donnelly/Photoclicker Ireland RTT 6 / 8 There are two other murals on the wall, one depicting a young woman and her parents sitting in the street, and another a young man in an office chair, both with the same pose taken in the series.

RTH /Dominican Donnelly