NuMe is a very well known brand in the hair care industry. That is not just because of their customer services or affordable prices, but their extra ordinary hair products that have won hearts of millions. From hair care to heat styling equipment, NuMe has outnumbered its competitors and has reached new heights.

There is no doubt about the products offered by the company. The hair care line is completely safe to use because of the natural ingredients used in the formula that keep your hair healthy and prevent side effects, which no other brand in the industry has ever done before. Thanks to the store, people can now repair their damaged hairs and style them however they want.

When it comes to hairstyling, NuMe is one of the award winning brands for providing quality hair styling products. We know that you are looking for style versatility as it is really important when you have to face paparazzi. If it is your desire to have the best appearance with versatility, check out the amazing straighteners offered by NuMe.

Megastar Hair Straightener

It is the most popular hair straightener by the company on the basis of 5 star reviews available on the website. The award winning Megastar Hair Straightener is an amazing heat styling tool with some outstanding features that helps consumers style their hair according to their wish. Key features of the megastar hair straightener include 1-inch floating plates that are flexible and easy to adjust with your hair so that you can style quickly by reaching closer to the strands.

The beveled plate design helps with versatile styling of curls and straight and the integrated far infrared heat strip protect hair strands over time by gently heating the hair follicle to the cuticle. There are plenty more features of the megastar hair straightener and most importantly, it is highly affordable and recommended by many stylists.

Silhouette Hair Straightener

The next in line is the Silhouette Hair Straightener based on the popularity of customer reviews. This hair straightener is safe for all hair types and has amazing key features that hair stylists should check out. As compared to other brands, this particular product by NuMe has 1-1/8 inch floating plates that are flexible and adjust with your hair to give you quicker, easy and tug free styling on the go.

 The silhouette hair straightener is slimmer than other straighteners, which makes it easy for people to have better grip of the product while styling your hair. The stone ceramic helps with the styling as it gently slides over your hair while emitting far infrared heat and negative ions for balanced heating with each turn. It is an affordable product, but you can avail discounts with great offers and discounts available online.  

Style Setter Hair Straightener

The Style Setter Hair Straightener has 7/8 inches floating plates made with pure titanium that provides intense heat so that you can keep your hairstyles longer. The negative ion condition technology infused in the product maintains moisture in your hair and eliminates frizz by sealing the cuticle with boosting shine. You can style your hair the way you want and keep it alive longer by using the Style Setter Hair Straightener. To enjoy discounts on the product, you can avail it online. It is the straightener, every stylist should checkout because it is affordable, durable and provides best result without damaging your hair.

The Technique Hair Straightener

Technique hair straightener is made with 1 inch pure tourmaline ceramic floating plates that help you with easy, quick and tug free styling. The tourmaline ceramic offers smooth and friction free surface to reduce breakage. With negative ion conditioning technology your hair will be moisturized and the technology will eliminate frizz by sealing the cuticle and boosting shine.

The Scarlett Hair Straightener

To have better hair styling without your hair being damaged, The Scarlett Hair Straightener is worth checking out. It is a great blend of modern technique that protects your hair against breakage and frizz and can be used by every hair types. The product won’t just style your hair the way you want, but will also help attaining perfect finish and shine.  

The hair styling collection by NuMe is worth checking out. Just like their hair care products that are known for naturally produced formula, the hair equipment by NuMe styles your hair without getting damaged.