While you are consuming protein from other sources to get your body pumped up, you should make sure that it doesn’t affect your body negatively. A protein powder contains a lot of nutrients, depending on the ingredients that are used to make it.

There are both harmful and beneficial ingredients and while you are working so hard to achieve a goal and using something that has negative impact will be no more than wasting your effort. While going for purchasing, look carefully at the ingredients list and avoid buying a protein powder with the ingredients listed below that aren’t worthy of your money.

Gluten Should Be Avoided As It Is A Cause Of Diseases

While you are working hard at the gym to gain some muscles, you do need a protein shake to boost up your energy and to gain more mass. Most people prefer buying at the brand’s name over checking the composition of the protein powder and that is where they make mistake. Protein powder is produced with many ingredients, both natural and artificial. Natural ingredients don’t affect your body however, other products can become a cause of destruction. One of the ingredients that you should avoid is gluten. Some people are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease, which is bitter part about gluten.

You should be careful while selecting a protein powder, according to one study over 80% of people with celiac disease don’t even know that they have it. Even if you are not gluten intolerant or don’t have celiac, it can still have negative effects. It can cause inflammation in the intestine and degenerates intestinal lining which is again bad for your health.

Skim Milk Or Solid Milk Can Upset GI System

At times protein powders can use skim milk or solid milk powders as inexpensive bulking agent. Avoiding protein powders that contain these ingredients will be beneficial for you. These powders lack nutritional level and can trigger issues for those who are lactose intolerant. You definitely wouldn’t like to get triggered by something like lactose, to avoid such occurrences, you should check the product before purchasing. It will be useless as to purchase a protein with skim milk powder or solid milk powder in it as these ingredients aren’t benefiting you, instead there are more chances of you getting disturbed with them. Either check the ingredients list or consult an expert for guidance.

Glucose Can Create Many Issues

Glucose is an important ingredient for the body as it is one of the sources of energy in the body. It is obtained from the food you eat and is transferred all over the body through blood cells so that every part of the body receives ample energy to function.

However, consuming glucose in excess can have many potentially dangerous side effects. According to experts, excess glucose consumption will increase the level of glucose in the body which can lead to hardening of the blood vessels, heart attacks, strokes, weakened immune system and many more issues that are life taking. You might have seen people having strokes at the gym or after gym, there can be many reasons, but glucose can also be a reason. Do check the composition level or percentage of glucose while purchasing a protein powder for yourself.

Vegetable Oils And Fats Can Be Unhealthy

Getting a smoothie for breakfast with some nutritious foods is great but adding vegetable oils and fats to give smoothie a richer taste can cause serious health issues. Vegetable oils can be unhealthy if consumed in large amount or on daily basis. Some protein powders can contain vegetable oils or fats that can be harmful for you. According to health specialists, vegetable oil can cause inflammation and raise your risk of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, vegetable oils can often contain trans fats. According to a study about 0.56% to 4.2% of the fatty acids found in vegetable and canola oils in the grocery stores contained toxic trans fats that are harmful for your body. Consuming vegetable more can even lead to weight gain. All your hard work will be a waste.

These are some ingredients that can cause various issues while you are consuming them through protein shakes. You should avoid them and do check the ingredients of the products before purchasing them.