MTV News’ ‘The Show’ returns to MTV with its first ever installment on The View.

The hourlong special, airing Wednesday, August 14 at 9 p.m.

ET/PT, brings together a panel of celebrities, including the late-night host and her son, as well as special guests and former stars to discuss what it’s like to be in their shoes on the show.

Check out the latest news below:”I’ve got a bunch of bad days,” said former NFL running back Adrian Peterson, who was fired from the NFL for his role in the NFL Players Association’s lawsuit against the league.

“I was the one that made the [NFL Players Association] a $15 million lawsuit.

I was the first to go to the United Nations.

I’m the one who’s responsible for the deaths of millions of children.

But I’m a complete mess.”

He added: “The show is a real, real drag.

The show doesn’t care if it’s real.

The reason why the show is here is because the public needs it.

I don’t want to be a part of the public.

And that’s why I love this show.”

Peterson’s son, Chase, was also asked about his father’s recent actions, which included taking a knee during the national anthem during the anthem, as he’s done for many years.

“You never know what’s going to happen, what people are going to do,” he said.

“The public has a right to feel like it’s not being watched.

The public has the right to know what the facts are and what’s being done behind closed doors, and what are the facts behind the stories.”

On Wednesday, host Joy Behar talked to former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III about how his decision to sit during the National Anthem inspired his own decision to kneel during the one-time anthem.

Griffin, who is currently with the Cleveland Browns, was among the first players to do so, in an attempt to demonstrate solidarity with NFL players.

But the controversy has made headlines across the country, as people who don’t agree with Griffin’s actions have criticized his choice of action.

“The world has changed since he took a knee, but not for the better,” former Browns running back Chris Johnson said on “The View.”

“If he’s going back on the field, he should be fined, suspended, whatever, but I think the world has moved on.”

Behar asked Griffin, who became a celebrity overnight, about what it was like to stand up during the Anthem.

“It was a huge adjustment for me, because it was something that I hadn’t done in a long time,” he responded.

“It was something I had never done before.”

He continued: “I did it for a reason.

I felt like it was important to me, but at the same time, I didn’t know if it would be an appropriate thing to do.”

Beyer asked Griffin if he was comfortable kneeling during the playing of the national anthems.

“I am, but they have to stop,” Griffin said.

The former star quarterback said he believes the anthem controversy has changed the NFL, and that he was the only one who stood up during it.

“For the most part, I think that we have the players on our side and the owners on our sides,” Griffin added.

“But I don.

I think it’s a very divisive issue, and I don�t think it will go away.”

Griffin said that the NFL is going to have to change the rules to make sure it doesn’t become a divisive issue again.

“As a professional athlete, you want to go out there and win, but you also want to make your fans happy, too,” he continued. “So that�s the biggest thing that needs to happen.”

The panel included actress Alyssa Milano, actress Kate McKinnon, former NFL player Malcolm Smith, former New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, and former “The Apprentice” contestant Kelly Ripa.

The special will air during the 10 p., 11 p., and 12 a.m., ET timeslot.

“We are at a time where we need to be talking about race, racism and the impact of white supremacy,” Behar said.