The walls of homes around the world are slowly being painted, decorating and even decorating themselves.

But what do you call these beautiful murals that we love so much?

We decided to create a list of the best murals in the world.

These are the 10 murals most beloved by everyone.


The Great Wall of China  (left) and the Great Wall (right) at Tiananmen Square, China. 

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The world’s tallest structure is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, but that’s not its only inspiration.

The walls and the pyramids of ancient China are all based on the Great Chinese Wall, which spans more than 2,500 miles (3,200 kilometers) of Chinese territory.


The Wall of the City of Bruges (right), Belgium. 

Flickr/Bruges Wall.

The city of Bournemouth, England is home to the world’s oldest continuously inhabited wall, the Great Walls of Bologna and Brugge, which dates back to 1470.


The White House, Washington, D.C. (center) and Lincoln Memorial, Washington (right). 

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons The White House is the nation’s oldest monument, dating to 1881.

It was the site of the first presidential inauguration and the memorial of Abraham Lincoln.


The Statue of Liberty, New York City. 

Wikimedia Commons While the Statue of Freedom is the tallest structure in the United States, the Statue Of Liberty is the most beloved in America.

Her name has become synonymous with American freedom and democracy. 

In 2015, it was the inspiration behind a mural in New York that showed people dressed as the Statue and the words “Freedom is never too far away.”


The Mall of America, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Wikipedia/Gloria Mota Mall of America is one of the oldest public spaces in the country, and it’s filled with all sorts of amazing murals.

Here are some of the most famous murals we’ve seen: The Mall of Tomorrow, Los Angeles, USA. 

Mountain View Mall, San Francisco, California. 

The Great American Ball Park, Atlanta. 

LaVista Gardens, Washington D.CE, USA LaVeLa Gardens, the largest green space in the USA, was designed by renowned architect Norman Foster. 

It’s home to more than 60 parks, and features over 1,500 sculptures, including more than 1,200 from Foster’s iconic architectural firm, Foster + Partners. 


The Grand Canyon of Colorado, Arizona. 

National Park Service/Wikimedia In 1875, President Andrew Jackson declared a state of emergency in Arizona, and the state was transformed into the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon was named for the ancient ruins of a large pyramid that were found at the base of the canyon, and today it’s considered the most visited park in the entire country. 


The Washington Monument, Washington DC. via Wikimedia Commons The Washington Monument is a landmark building in Washington, DC.

Its primary purpose is to honor the president and the U.S. Constitution. 

President Trump has recently ordered a review of the monument’s design and materials, and a new monument could be coming soon. 


The Plaza de Mayo, Mexico. 

H/T Wikimapia/Juan Pablo Hidalgo The Plaza de María is a huge outdoor plaza, which is one reason why it’s so loved in Mexico.

The plaza features a grand plaza and a number of other buildings, including a statue of a woman and a statue and fountain of the sun, and is the only place in the Americas where the sun and the moon can be seen in the same place. 


The World Trade Center, New Jersey. 

Google Maps/J. P. Sullivan The World Trade Centre is the world-famous landmark in New Jersey, and its name is synonymous with the world of commerce and the United Nations.

The building’s design is also a symbol of globalization.

It’s the largest and most prominent skyscraper in the city, and has been home to many companies. 


The Lincoln Memorial Memorial, West Virginia. 

Via Wikimedia Commons The Lincoln Monument is the second largest building in the U, and hosts over 1.2 million people.

The memorial honors the man who made it possible for all Americans to be born in the year 1861. 

Its name is also one of many in honor of Lincoln, the former U. S. president and president of the United State of America. 


The Jefferson Memorial, Alabama. 

Nelson Johnson/Wikimagia The Jefferson Memorial is a magnificent monument located in Jefferson, Alabama, in the heart of the state’s largest city.

The monument