The new generation of murals in New York’s parks, parks, and green spaces have a much more intimate feel to them.

The new murals offer a different perspective, a more intimate view of the city.

Here are some guidelines and techniques to help you create these new mural style.

• Learn about the different types of mural.• Identify the theme and the type of art.• Create a new image and theme.• Use different color palettes for different scenes.• Color the mural in different ways.• Change the color scheme of the image to match the theme.

For example, the new mural for the park at Central Park may look a little like a cityscape.

This new mural is an image of the neighborhood.

This new mural shows a neighborhood view.

This is a neighborhood with a lot of trees.

This mural is a city skyline.

This type of mural is for an urban environment, where a lot more trees are in use.

This artist’s concept shows a city landscape.

This works in the park.

This concept shows an urban landscape with a city view.

This is an urbanized environment.

This image shows a different type of cityscape, but it is very similar to the first one.

This work shows a new type of urban landscape.

This type of work is for a city.

This landscape is more urbanized.

This image is a landscape that is very much in the cityscape style.

This mosaic shows a landscape with trees in the foreground.

This one shows an old cityscape with trees.

This works in a city environment.

This artist’s image is showing the same old cityscapes.

This shows an older cityscape in a different style.

This one shows a newer cityscape that is a very urbanized landscape.