The best murals of 2018, as ranked by writers.

The art world is a strange place, and many murals are inspired by a single source: the internet.

And as the art world continues to grow, it’s becoming harder to find any true originals.

But a few artists are doing just that.

So we asked NFL writers, who were able to identify and pick out some of the most interesting murals from 2018.

Here’s what we found:Art director Kevin Kavanagh.

Kavanag, a veteran of the NFL, worked with the Ravens on the iconic “Tiger” mural in their stadium.

Kavanagh has also worked on murals for the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots.

His work is always on point, and it shows through in the NFL.

He told The Plain Dealer he was inspired by the “Punk Rock” murals that pop up around the country, but the Ravens stadium project had something that was a little more contemporary in style.

Kavanyagh said he drew inspiration for the mural from a photo of an artist on a boat in New York Harbor.

“I thought, ‘This guy is going to be a great artist,'” he said.

This photo shows a few of the other artists who have been featured on mural boards, including artist Scott Wilson.

Kavanches work was inspired from the photos of Wilson’s boat in NYC, but it’s the Baltimore Ravens murals he loved most.

The Baltimore Ravens and the Patriots have teamed up on several murals.

In a nod to the Ravens’ fans, Kavanagan also worked with Ravens cheerleader and former Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

He’s worked on several Ravens muras.

Kovanagh said Suggst has always been one of his favorites.

“I love the way he carries himself,” he said of the Ravens linebacker.

Suggs is a popular figure among Ravens fans.

The Ravens are in the midst of a rebuild and have a new stadium.

In 2018, the Ravens won their first Super Bowl, but lost to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl 50 title game.

Suggst, who was a part of the 2004 Ravens squad that went to Super Bowl XXXVI, was honored by the team in the stadium.

He played with the team for three seasons and was a finalist for the Ray Guy Award, given to the NFL’s top cornerback.

“The fans are always a part [of the murals], so I wanted to make sure I included the Ravens fans, who love me so much,” he told NFL.

“They’re going to love it, and I hope they do too.”

Art director Joe Walshe.

Walshes work with murals is a unique blend of classical and contemporary art, featuring artists from around the world.

He said he’s always looking for something new.

Walshes murals tend to be inspired by historical figures, but he also loves to explore the idea of an artistic future.

Walshe said he was always drawn to the murates of artists like Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso, and he was especially drawn to a new work by Dutch artist Joris de Kooning.

The Ravens won Super Bowl XLIX in the most dramatic and emotional fashion.

As the Ravens celebrated their 10th consecutive Super Bowl victory, Walsheres work was the most iconic.

After the game, Watshes was inspired to create a mural, which he described as an homage to the game.

“We were just so excited to do something like this,” he recalled.

One of Walshis most memorable work was on the front of the building.

For Walshers work, he used the “T” for the Ravens, but also used a modern twist on it.

He said it took him some time to get the idea down, and when he finally did, it felt like a work of art.

When asked if the Ravens were inspired by Bacon or Picasso’s work, Walsh said the mural is a tribute to both of them.

But he said he hopes it inspires the Ravens to be more innovative.

If the Ravens are able to make the playoffs again, Welshes said they will look to celebrate the game by doing something even more incredible than the Superbowl.

“This year, we’re going out there and playing for the right to win it,” he explained.

“I hope we can inspire a little bit of that spirit in the Ravens.”

Kavanag said he wanted to do a mural for the Steelers that would look at the history of the franchise, as well as its success.

Kavegh said he liked that the mural was an homage.

His work features the Steelers logo and a photo from their past, but in his eyes, it is about the future of the team.

“It’s a little homage to Pittsburgh, but a lot of people know the Steelers have won