Times Square is full of murals, but this one is different.

It’s called the Minsommar, and it’s a work of art.

It was created by a young artist who is from China.

He’s the founder of the Shanghai Artists’ Collective.

He has a website called Art of Shanghai.

In it, he talks about how his paintings and murals were inspired by his life.

He talks about the difficulties of moving from China to the U.S. and the difficulty of finding work here.

And he talks a lot about his mother, who died of cancer a few years ago.

He says he wanted to show that there’s hope for artists.

I’ve heard so many stories about how people from China, for example, who don’t have a lot of resources, can still produce art and can still have a voice.

The mural is part of the Makerspace, a project to support young artists and to inspire them to be creative.

The artist who painted the mural said that he’s also an artist in China.

In China, you can get in trouble.

You’re a criminal.

You don’t get a chance to be a painter.

So he says he had to leave China for this project.

He started the Morsom mural in Shanghai.

And it’s been going for three years.

This one was made with watercolors, watercolor paper, and acrylics.

It has a black background.

It had a Chinese symbol on the front of it, which means: Minsom.

And in the background is a white flower with flowers in it.

You can see it’s part of an urban landscape.

It looks like a courtyard, it looks like an alley.

So that’s why it’s called Minsoman.

There are many other Minsoms around the world, so we think it’s important to show the world that there are many artists, people from all around the globe who have achieved success and can inspire us to be artists, too.

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