The office mural at the front of the office in downtown Denver, which is a collaboration between the Denver Office and Bonampak, is a great example of an office mural that uses the space in the form of a piece of artwork to tell a story.

The mural is a piece that was designed by artist Pam Schmitz and is part of her new book, In the Kitchen: My Life as an Art Director.

In the Office is a collaborative effort with Bonampack, who is also a co-founder of Bonampaks office in the West Village.

The collaborative effort has a different tone than the office mural.

Schmitzes work is more like a series of paintings and the focus is more on the people and their interactions than the abstract art.

The concept is simple, though.

Schmits work is mostly a mix of natural light and dark, so it’s not as obvious that she’s making the work.

Bonampacks team also wanted to make sure the mural didn’t feel like a typical office, so they added a dark, abstract background.

The art also doesn’t show up in the same way that an office building might.

The work is very focused and it’s very personal.

“This is the only mural I’ve done that I felt I could work on with no restrictions,” said Schmittz.

Bonamps art director, Alex Kost, said that when the team is in the office they have to be creative with the lighting, and the colors.

It’s also important to make the mural feel authentic to the office, as if the person behind the painting is there.

“The work is so personal that we wanted it to be a work of art that’s personal to the person,” said Kost.

Bonumpaks art director Alex Kest said the team has been collaborating on the mural for the past few months.

Schmittzes work on the office was a collaboration with Bonamps creative director, Alexis Kost of Bonamps.

Bonumps office is currently undergoing a major renovation.

The renovation, which includes an overhaul of the space, will take place in 2017.