On Wednesday, a mural that depicts two naked men with their heads submerged in the ocean was painted over in San Francisco, California.

The mural, which depicts Jackson Pollock’s artwork, has been on display at the California Maritime Museum since 2011.

The artist has worked on murals for decades and the new painting is the first time he has used a painting of nude men.

“Jackson Pollocks work, and his work of the human body, are very relevant in this day and age.

The human body is a very powerful and powerful thing,” said Jackson’s son Daniel Pollock.”

When people have a lot of skin exposed, they are not as human.

It is about people’s humanity, it is about humanity being a part of our world,” he said.

The murals have been up for more than a year in San Bruno and Oakland, but the mural has been vandalized.

Pollock, who died in 1995, created a series of drawings for a newspaper in 1852 and published his work as an oil painting called “The Painter” in 1873.

The painting has been painted over.

The mural was painted in a manner that is similar to that of another piece of Pollock artwork that was destroyed in San Diego, California in December.

The artworks have been on view at the Maritime Museum in San Jose since the early 1900s.

They have been in storage since then, and Pollock died in 2014.

The artist’s son, Daniel Pollocks son, said the mural is a metaphor for the state of California.

“He was very aware of the state.

He was very conscious of the environmental issues, the ocean,” Daniel Pollacks said.

“I think it is a reflection of a lot that we are doing in the state right now.”

“He knew the state was very polluted,” Daniel said.

Daniel Pollocks said he thinks the vandalism was politically motivated.

“There is no other way to describe it,” he added.

“We think the state has a moral obligation to protect the environment,” Daniel added.

The state of Michigan is also considering removing the mural.