A simple idea can make a difference.

That’s what happened with a mural painted in a New York street for a children’s book that was designed by a friend and a group of local artists.

The work is part of a campaign by the author, a writer and a filmmaker who are working to help children understand their place in the world.

The mural was commissioned by the book’s publisher, Random House, but was commissioned in the midst of the presidential campaign by one of the bookstores’ local organizers, Tania Motta, a graphic designer and painter.

She and the bookseller said they didn’t know that the mural would go viral, or that it would become a focal point for a national campaign.

They also were shocked that so many people responded so positively to the work, and even more surprised that so few people thought the work would be a great opportunity to share an idea with people.

The murals, which were created by artists from New York and Los Angeles, are in the process of being repainted, and the work is a collaboration between the booksellers, Motta and the group of artists.

They are also working with the New York Public Library to turn the mural into a permanent exhibit, which is also part of the project.

It is a small gesture, but the bookshop’s campaign is helping to change the way we view and understand the world around us.

We’re really lucky to have the support of a community that is willing to invest in this project and make it a reality,” said Tania McManus, the bookstore’s founder and executive director.

The bookseller’s campaign has brought together artists from across the country to help promote literacy and education, and is also bringing attention to local issues like poverty and homelessness.

The project, which started on Feb. 23 and is being coordinated by the publisher, has been featured on CNN and in newspapers across the United States.

A local organization, the New Orleans Children’s Library, is also participating.

It is encouraging children to take an active role in building literacy and the importance of reading in their daily lives, the group said in a statement.

The group has been working with McManuss and other local bookseller to put together the mural.

A group of children has been doing some research on the book, and they have been posting the book in the book shop’s store to see if the book will sell.

Motta said the book is being sold as a series of 30 to 50 prints.

She said the children were so supportive, and it really opened their eyes to what can be achieved by having a mural.”

They’ve taken the mural as a community project,” McManuses said.”

This book has been created by a community of artists who have shared their own work, so that they can share the art and the stories in this book and make the book a part of their community.

It’s really a community effort.

“The mural, which was designed in collaboration with local artists and the National Book Foundation, was created by the group, who are hoping that people can use it as a model for their own creative work.”

I think it’s important to make art for the world to see.

It was really hard to say no to this, because it’s been a long time coming, but there’s a lot of work that has been done,” McDona said.”

And I think if you take that same kind of art and you make it accessible to people, it can change lives.”

“It was really hard to say no to this, because it’s been a long time coming, but there’s a lot of work that has been done,” McDona said.