In June, the Philadelphia muralist Frank Rizo began work on a mural that would be a landmark in the city’s arts scene.

The mural, dubbed “Tales from the Heart of Philadelphia,” is part of the work by Philadelphia’s new muralists, The Art of Art.

The mural is part two of the “The Art of Arts Project,” which will showcase works from over a dozen Philadelphia artists and local businesses.

The first of the two murals is set to be completed in time for the summer.

“The Art Of Art Project is a collaborative effort between a number of organizations, including Philadelphia’s art community, the City of Philadelphia, and the Greater Philadelphia Arts Council,” said Artistic Director and Executive Director of The Art Of Arts, Emily Sowles.

“This mural is a culmination of these efforts, which have brought us to this moment, and we are proud to work with the artists and community partners to help us celebrate this milestone in our community.”

“Tales From the Heart Of Philadelphia” was painted in March and is the second installment of the series.

The artist behind the mural is based in Brooklyn, New York, where he is currently completing work on the second mural, which will be finished in late summer.

The other artists who are part of The Arts Project are “Nina” from the Los Angeles studio of New York City artist James R. Burdett, and “Alfonso” from New York’s Art Center.

The mural is inspired by Rizzos hometown of Philadelphia.

“The first mural that came out, ‘Tales of the Heart’ was a really big deal for me.

It was a landmark moment in the art scene.

It had a huge impact on me, and I wanted to capture that moment,” said Rizos co-founder of The Gallery, Ramiro Garcia.

“I wanted to get the message across.

I wanted this mural to be an extension of that message.”

The muralists’ first collaborative effort in Philadelphia came in 2013 when Rizoa and his partner, former art teacher Roberta Tull, painted “The Dream” in a Philadelphia church.

The murals “Talks” and “Mornings” were completed by Garcia and his fellow muralists in 2014 and 2015.

The “Tapes From the Drip” mural was also completed in 2015.

It is a three-part mural, with Rizza in the center of each part.

“It was like a very literal collage,” said Garcia.

The next mural to feature the artists is “Turtles in the Walls,” a three part mural that was completed in 2017.

“We were all very excited to finally get to work on ‘Turtles,'” said Garcia, adding that the mural has been in the works for several years.

The first of two muras, “Tears of the Eagle,” is scheduled to be finished sometime in the spring of 2021.

The Artists are also currently working on the “Takes a Back Seat,” a two-part work that will feature the Philadelphia artist, Paul C. Pappas.

It will be complete in time to celebrate the centennial of the city in 2020.