A painting of a smiling woman that went viral online has changed my day.

The painting, by Brazilian artist Ana Gomes, depicts a woman wearing a pink hat with a flowery smile, holding a pencil and holding a flower in her hands.

“The idea of the ‘I can’t quit’ sign, of the feeling of the pain and suffering and the pain of the mother, of all of those things is present in my life,” Ms Gomes said.

“I wanted to draw attention to the importance of motherhood.”

What I wanted to show was that this is not something that just happens to us.

“The painting has gone viral on social media and now Ms Goms is a well-known mural artist in Brazil.

The woman on the mural is the mother of three.”

She’s a beautiful woman, who gives birth, who doesn’t give birth,” Ms Kallmann said.

The mother, who has been named “Maria,” gave birth to the child after giving birth to her second child, but she decided to leave her newborn with her husband, who works as a taxi driver.”

It was not a happy or a sad thing for her, she was very proud,” Ms Katmann said of the new mural.”

But she gave birth very slowly and she has a hard time.

“So the idea of a happy mother with a baby, that is what I wanted.”

The couple have been happily married for seven years, but Ms Gomenos has noticed the “I can no longer quit” sign has changed her day.

“In the past she would say ‘I don’t have time for it, I need to go to work’ and I would say, ‘You’re wrong.

I’m doing it because I can’t leave the house’,” Ms Gome said.

It’s a reminder that she has to be with her children.

“We do this because we are a good mother and we love each other,” she said.

Ms Gomes is now working with local artists to create murals that highlight the life and work of her mother.

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