The story behind the amazing floral mural painted by local school children in Melbourne’s north is the story of a teacher and the team that put together the project.

The mural was commissioned by the Royal Botanic Gardens and was painted in 2012 by school students in the school library.

It was then shared on Instagram with the caption ‘I love you my heart, you love me my heart’, which was a response to a poem written by one of the students.

The artist, Sarah Brown, said the students were in awe of the work.

“They saw the mural and thought, ‘Wow, this is a really great idea and I’ve got my own personal art work on the wall,'” Ms Brown said.

“It was really a very collaborative project with the students, they all took their own initiative and came up with the ideas for the mural.”

“There was no design element or anything, it just happened.”

One of the children started to make the idea and said, ‘It looks really interesting’.

“Ms Brown said the mural’s theme of flowers and flowers in the garden and in the world around them was the inspiration for the school project.”

I’ve had the opportunity to paint on the garden before and I thought it would be a good idea to try and create something different and create a unique piece of art for the garden,” she said.

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