NBC is launching a series of outdoor installations across the U.S. featuring beach murals that show the nation’s newest stars in the form of colorful sea foam.

The series, which will run through September, will feature art created by a team from Miami Beach, Florida-based artist, Pam Spiro.

The pieces are titled “GMA: Beach Murals,” and will feature sea foam and a rainbow-colored watermark that will be visible from the water.

Spiro has worked on a series called “Bathroom Party” that features images of people urinating and defecating in a bathroom and also the watermark.

In both installations, the watermarks are located on a large scale, in the shape of a penis.

“It’s an effort to show the public that there are people in this country who care about their environment, their health, and their environment,” Spiro said.

In both instances, the installations are scheduled to be installed in public spaces throughout the state of Georgia.

The installation, which features a rainbow watermark in the middle of a bathtub, was created in honor of the new movie “Gravity,” which premiered in Atlanta on Thursday.

The movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, has been hailed as one of the best movies of the year so far.

Spire, the studio behind “Gemini,” is currently working on “The Gifted,” the next installment in the “Gummi” franchise, and plans to have a special event to celebrate the film in Atlanta, Georgia.

Spires creative director, Alex Zumoff, told The Hollywood Reporter that “Geme” is a brand that is unique and resonates with audiences across the country.

“We want to take this moment and celebrate all the amazing people that are here to celebrate ‘Geme’ and celebrate the movie in the most beautiful way possible,” he said.

“We are honored that this will be a part of our celebration of the movie, as well.”

Spiro said she plans to put the artworks on display in a variety of public spaces including the beach, at beaches, and in a swimming pool in Miami Beach.

The beach mural will be located at the entrance of the Miami Beach Boardwalk, located near Miami Beach International Airport.

The installation will be open from October 17 to November 1, 2019.