NEW YORK — DC murals are coming to the office.

They are coming for your business, your life, and you’re going to love them.

More than 200 DC murres will be up for sale on Wednesday, April 29 at the Office of the Mayor at 4 p.m.

For $1, the public will be able to purchase and hang two DC muruses, one at each of the offices of Mayor Muriel Bowser, who is the city’s first female mayor, and DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey.

One of the murres, a portrait of former President Donald Trump, will hang at the front door of the Metropolitan Police Department, which is located on Washington Boulevard.

The other mural will be at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Connecticut Avenue, between New York and New Jersey.

DC police have a history of taking on graffiti and other street art.

A few years ago, a group of graffiti artists vandalized a mural on the National Mall and broke into a building to paint over it.

On April 19, the City Council voted to remove the murals that had been up for weeks.