Boston muralists turn Boston into a place for the arts

The Boston Museum of Art’s new wings mural is a striking contrast to the city’s traditional architecture.Designed by local artists B.D. Breen and Daniel Breen, the artwork includes an intricate

Which app is better for a forest mural?

It’s the last week of December, and we’re about to find out whether your local forest can withstand the elements.That’s because there’s a new app on the App Store called

How much will the murals cost?

Now Playing: Is it fair to ask about the city’s mural program?Now Playing; City to unveil a new mural for a downtown hotel Now Playing.Now Playing, Trump takes a jab

Boston murals in the spotlight in Sacramento

In late May, Boston’s largest mural artist began working on a large mural in Sacramento, California.The mural, titled “I Am Not a Stranger,” depicts a woman with her head held high as she walks through a large field.The artist, Danny O’Leary, is an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and

New Houston mural in progress, artist says

HONOLULU, Hawaii — A new mural of two girls in a Hawaiian-themed bikini is set to go up in downtown Houston next month.Artist Josh Sexton, who is based in Houston,
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