The murals have been a staple of the Sydney skyline since the 1970s, and a new mural on the side of a Melbourne hotel this week is no exception.

It’s called The Danglars, and it shows a group of young men in a scene from the Australian sitcom Lost in Space.

It was commissioned by the former owner of the hotel, Mr Peter Lang, and features the characters from the show, which starred Michael Caine as the titular character and Sarah Ferguson as the lead character, who is abducted by aliens.

The hotel has had a number of murals over the years, including one of a young boy being chased by a space shuttle.

“It’s really been an amazing experience for me, the murals,” Mr Lang told ABC Radio Sydney.

“I have had people come up and say they were blown away, and I’ve had people tell me they’d never seen a mural of a group so young in their life.”

The murals haven’t been easy, they’ve been a real challenge for me to get them right, and the artists have been great.

“The original mural was created by Mr Lang at the Hotel Melbourne, in the early 1970s.

It is believed the mural was done by Mr Anglars daughter.

The mural is on the front of the Hotel Carlton, which opened in 2000.”

We’ve had a few murals in the last couple of years that I’ve taken down, but I’ve got a couple more coming up in the next couple of weeks that will definitely be more of a part of the landscape,” Mr Anglia said.

The next mural is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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