A mural depicting the history of Buenos Aries is being restored in Buenos Aires, according to the city council.

The mural was installed by the Argentine artist M.J. Silva in the capital’s Museo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), according to an announcement by the city government.

Silva has been working on the mural for over a year and the work is being showcased in front of the Buenos Aires Public Library.

According to the announcement, Silva’s mural is part of a series of murals created by the UBA that is displayed in the library, as well as other murals.

Silvas is a Brazilian-Argentinian artist who is best known for creating murals in Brazil, Spain, and Argentina.

The city council’s announcement follows the announcement last week by Buenos Aires Mayor Jorge Glaspere that a mural of Buenos Aransa was on display at the Museo of the Arts in the city.

Glaspere said the mural was meant to reflect Argentina’s “emotional and cultural diversity,” adding that it “also celebrates the diversity of our nation and the Argentine way of life.”

“The mural is an example of how our city is united by the unique and vibrant culture that it shares with the surrounding country and beyond,” Glasperes office said in a statement.

The murals are being restored to their original location in the central section of the Museio de la Arts, where Silva has been building them since 2009.