3 new murils in NYC.

I found some new murales in NYC, and some others in the area.

This is the mural of the tree on top of a bus in the corner of Broadway and Park Ave.

This one was created by the team at Lark & Sons.

This one was also created by Lark& Sons.

I love the light in the background.

It’s hard to see in this one, but the train tracks are covered in a black velvet curtain.

Lark & Son is an indie company based in New York City.

 The Lark’s mural is an incredible piece of art.

These are the first three murals I’ve seen in NYC so far, and I love them!

There are some other great murals out there, including this one in the same block as the tree, and the new Tree Wall in Harlem.

The new mural in the Broadway and Central Park area is amazing.

I like the blue background and the fact that it’s a tree, so the colors match.

Thanks to the Lark Bros. for the inspiration for this tree mural!