How to create murals in your own backyard

You may not have the resources to buy a lot of fancy art supplies, but with the right tools, you can do your part to change the world.It seems like

How to spot the best new murals in 2018

The best murals of 2018, as ranked by NFL.com writers.The art world is a strange place, and many murals are inspired by a single source: the internet.And as the art world continues to grow, it’s becoming harder to find any true originals.But a few artists are doing just that.So we asked NFL

How to get a mural made in the rain

In the 1970s, artist Sally Ann Parton began painting a series of colorful murals around the neighborhood of her home in Houston, Texas.One mural depicts a young man with a

How to get started in murals

How to Get Started in Murals article I’m trying to figure out how to start a mural, and I’ve stumbled across a post on reddit where someone asked a question

What’s your favorite dinosaur mural?

A new series of dinosaur murals has been installed in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.The artworks were created by artists Joanna and Nick Rizzo and are located at the Rizzos
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